Our story

Our journey started in Prato Italy. Prato is a small town from Tuscany where Italian culture and traditions has been kept alive even today. By joining the Pizza academy from Prato I inherited the right way of making pizza and bread (foccacia).

 In each region of Italy the pizza differs, I gained the academy way of making pizza with the Tuscan style.

This combination of traditional Tuscan methods, the knowledge from the academy and my skills creates our signature pizza.


In 2014 we established in London as a catering company, since then we have catered at many private and public events, serving thousands of happy customers. 

Work with us

      We  deeply care about the service we offer , and quality is our top priority.      Doing what we love hinges on finding the right clients & partners, so we’re dedicated to finding the ideal people to work with – those who value their work and  value our input. This means we turn down potential work – we say no to the wrong fit so we can say yes to the right fit. That’s how we’re able to keep our integrity .

Tell us how can we help and see how

we can make your public event stand out of the crowd. 

Hire us

Your event is important to us as much as it is for you. Having a successful event brings happiness and enjoyment to your friends and family.We make sure to bring the good times no matter if it’s a birthday party, wedding or even celebrating with business partners after a successful year in your company.  We all know there is no price for the satisfaction and good memories, let alone you and your children’s health and well being. Having us on board ensures a hassle free and professional experience. Get in touch with us and see what we can do for your event. 

Be confident

No matter your event size  we are covered.



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We are dedicated to providing the best pizza 

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