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City of Prato

Pizza Di Prato offers you an experience of Italy with each slice of pizza…

 The City of Prato is where the magic began, and it has spread to London in style.

 How did this story begin; here we go!!!

 The city of Prato, sitting between Florence and Pisa, in the Tuscany region, offered the rare opportunity to learn all I needed to know about pizzas; how each ingredient added made them more delicious. How the right method made the difference and how I could add my touch to make it my version of the most amazing Italian pizza


Every aspect of Prato, from its rich history to its art, tradition and rich flavoured food choices makes the art of making pizza different and indeed unique.


The Tuscan lifestyle, art, and flavourful food haven’t changed much since the Renaissance era. This is directly attributed to food rich in flavour and pizzas made in the same style for ages. It is not surprising that pizza made Prato style offers a different taste and texture from those from Naples and Rome.

“There is the Italian traditional pizza and the rest of the world.” 

The  journey 

Becoming a pizza chef

Prato proved to be the best place to learn about everything pizza. This spurred me to attend the prestigious pizza academy in the region, and as expected, I was thought all I needed to know about the perfect platter of Italy. I could offer the world. Tested and trusted methods of preserving the unique flavour of pizza were taught, the history and the art of making the best pizza was revealed to me, and I was given the opportunity to add my signature to the dough making it more special and dear to me. Not only did it set me apart, but it also didn’t subtract from the special taste of an Italian pizza


Our Dough is different

Based on an artizan method we use a mix flour and basic ingredients to obtain an unique note of fragrance & taste for our dough.

The long process of fermentation (24-72h) on low temperature, allows  enzymes to absorb most of the "sugars" from flour. The result is no sour-tasting flavour compounds and a highly digestible product.

Many types of intolerance is the result of  poor quality flour and wrong fermentation process.

Catering & Events

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With the garnered experience and expertise taught by the best pizza chefs, I offer you a slice of Italy in its most original way, providing you with pizza delicacies you won't forget in a long time.

We do not just cater; we offer experiences spicing up your event. Your event would need a specialist in wood-fired pizza dishes and we are known to be professionals who make pizzas in record time; 90 seconds. We provide unique catering options for different events; corporate events, weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties and so on. We offer a different meaning to pizza catering.


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