Why us ?

     When we started our catering business the main purpose was not to go out of the 9 -5 cycle it was all about putting on the table all my work years, ethics and knowledge as a professional pizza chef and deliver an amazing product with  excellency .


We understood it was  challenging for sophisticated customers to find the right caterer on a bad reputation and noisy market where you can easily can be mislead by low fee caterers being driven not by profession but for a basic income. We strongly stand up behind the fact that hiring a professional caterer is not a bargain place to be.



     We cannot put a price for the happiness and enjoyment of  you friends and family at your birthday  party , there is no price for  the smile and satisfaction and good memories at your wedding. It is priceless your children health, it is priceless the good times you share with your employees or business partners  after a successful year in your corporation.

2. For our product


      As simple as it might be seen pizza is one of the dishes that cannot be replicated in home environment not even by semi professional pizza makers. It s no wonder that is a dedicated position solely for making pizzas and foccias (italian bread) the Pizza Chef. The italian pizza restaurants are build around their own Head Pizza chef that carries and holds his personal dough recipe. They can make or brake a restaurant.

2. For our experience

 - hassle free, reliable , invoice,


3. Food Safety standards,

  council approval , food safety standards, , product pizza safetiness


4 .Referals

ease your booking decision. we try not to showcase our partners and clients due